Catalonia, Spain

Between the years 2010 and 2012, three Wind Farms came into operation

in the Terra Alta Region in the south of Catalonia:

Torre Madrina Wind Farm, Coll del Moro Wind Farm and Vilalba dels Arcs Wind Farm.


These projects have been conceived since the beginning,

designed, planned and developed turnkey

exclusively by Eolic Partners.


Name of the project
Wind Turbine model
Number of Wind Turbines
Total Power
Coll del Moro GE 100-2.4 20 48 MW
Torre Madrina GE 100-2.4 20 48 MW
Vilalba del Arcs GE 100-2.4 10 24 MW

120 MW: The total power of this group of wind farms reaches 120 MW installed through 50 wind turbines distributed in five municipalities.


300 lands from diferent owners under contract: A total of about 300 individual plots have been contracted for these projects, so the economic benefits are distributed over a significant number of local inhabitants. The majority of farmers can continue with their crops on a regular basis.


70km electric evacuation line: For the connection to the electrical system, we developed together with other developers in the area a system of evacuation and transport electric lines of approximately 70 km to connect a total of almost 500 MW to the 220 kV and 500 system kV.


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