EOLIC PARTNERS is a developer of power generation projects from non-conventional wind and photovoltaic renewable sources.

We are a company of direct and efficient structure that allows us to be agile and flexible in the decision-making processes in any phase of development of a project.
Our independence of industrial or financial commitments allows us to design the best technological and economic projects for each place with its particular technical and natural characteristics.

German partners with long experience in the sector formed the company in Spain in 1996.
Since 2007, we have been present in Latin America, specifically in Chile, where our first developed wind farm (110 MW) has been in operation since 2014.


Germany: German partners, with extensive knowledge and long experience in the renewable energy sector, formed the company in Spain in 1996.
Pioneers: The first developer to start the planning of three wind farms in the Terra Alta Region in 1997, we are now considered the Region with the largest wind generation in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.
120MW: The projects started operating in 2010 and 2012 with a total capacity of 120 MW.
Chile: Since 2007 we are present in Latin America, with Eolic Partners offices in Santiago, Chile.
109.6MW: In 2014, the first wind farm developed by Eolic Partners with a total capacity of 109.6 MW began operations.
Currently: There is a portfolio with important projects under development in Chile.


Green: Eolic Partners would not exist without the absolute conviction that Unconventional Renewable Energies are the best alternative to traditional sources based on the combustion of fossil resources or nuclear energy.


Roots: Climate Change and the respective contamination of the Environment were already our main concerns in the past 80s and 90s.


Experience: Having the opportunity, the experience, the technical and economic capacity to generate profitable and respectful wind projects with their surroundings are our remedy against this problem and our contribution for a more sustainable future.


Environmental respect: Our values are reflected in our projects. Each of them is a sample of a technical design very respectful of the natural resources of each place.


Local integration: We believe that good work with local communities is essential.
Due to their presence and location, we understand that wind farms should generate the maximum benefit in the territory and their Communities, since they represent an important development opportunity for the people who live in the place.


Profitable exploitation: In addition to being the cleanest energy, we also want to demonstrate that wind energy is one of the most economical energy generations in the market and at the same time profitable in its exploitation.